Our Service:

  1. Experience and Competency all around the dog

  2. Species appropriate accommodations  

  3. Individual care 

  4. Company BOSCH – Quality Pet Food 

  5. Veterinary Assistance 

  6. Daily walks with the dog

  7. Dog day care 

  8. Dog Boarding School 

Registration is required!  Make timely reservations for your four-legged animal!

Opening Hours:

Monday through Friday, from 10am - 12pm & 3pm – 5pm

Saturday from 10am – 12pm, Sundays and Holidays closed.

During opening hours we are more than happy to allow visitorsto view the kennel.  We take it for granted that you want to be satisfied about your dog’s vacation domicile ahead of time.  By all means, visit our kennel ahead of time; we just ask that you call us and make an appointment.  

Terms of Admission:

  1. 5-fold vaccination  (Vaccination against kennel-cough is recommended)

  2. Dog must be free of contagious illness and vermin (flea prophylaxis is recommended)

  3. Dog owner liability insurance 

  4. Bitches in heat cannot be admitted. 

When you drop-off your dog, please bring along:

  1. Vaccination certificate (dog cannot be admitted without!)

  2. Accustomed dog bed (blanket or basket), favorite toy

  3. Sufficient amount of medication and food (only if you prefer to bring your own dog food)


For a small surcharge we offer taxicab service for dog owners who do not have a car. We will pick up your four-legged animal at your house, and bring it back home to you upon your return from vacation!


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