Whether you go on vacation, a weekend-trip, have festivities or even have to stay in a hospital:  your four-legged buddy is in the best of care with us and will definitely feel happy and contented. 

  1. Your dog may bark to its hearts content, and if desired; romp around with other dogs.

  2. Each dog has its own area in our small family kennel.

  3. The inside areas have their own dog doors to the outside.

  4. Depending on your desires, once or twice a day the dog will be in the playground either
    alone or with other dogs.

  5. We also have the possibility to accommodate two or more dogs together.

  6. We don’t mass process.  It is very important to us that each dog will receive tender loving care.

  7. You should bring along the accustomed dog bed (blanket or basket).

  8. Our residence is a part of the property.  This assures that the animals are always attended to … day and night!

Care and Schooling – Complete Package!

  1. You are on vacation and your dog in the dog school. 

  2. Maybe you just want to make sure that while you are on vacation, your dog is busily engaged.  

  3. Maybe you just don’t have the time to teach your dog.  

  4. Maybe you are having problems with the dog and don’t know what else to do.

The four-legged student will be accommodated in our kennel and we will personally attend to it during an one hour-long training session. The amount of hours will individually be decided upon based on the dog’s problems, the duration of the stay in the kennel, and the agreed upon terms.

Please be aware that it definitely is wishful thinking to bring your dog to the school and get him back perfectly educated.  No reliable dog school will be able to guarantee such success.  

The results of the success depend upon a lot of things: 

The magnitude of problems, amount of hours, and how quickly your dog learns. 

Additionally it is very important that you are able to get the same results from your dog as we do.   This is why we always have to teach the dog owner subsequently after the training.  How long this takes depends on the particular situation!


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