Dog Kennel:

  1. Day and Night Kennel (per day)  € 20

  2. Dog Daycare (without food) € 16

Course and Pricesummary Dog-School  (Last update: 01/01/2009):

  1. Home visit/Individual training. (Call for an appointment)  35 € per hour 

  2. Puppies or young dogs play group/ Adult dog play group (first hour for puppies and young dogs is free)

  3. “Puppies on Tour”. Discover Nature together!  (Maximum of 6 participants)

  4. Individual Training for Puppies – (Call for an appointment)  

  5. “Basic School” (Maximum of 6 participants)

  6. “Basic School – Build up”  (Maximum of 6 participants)

  7. Social Group / Play Group for adult dogs 

  8. Agility-Course (Beginner and Advanced) (Maximum of 6 participants)

  9. Dog Exercise Course (Maximum of 6 participants)

  10. Advanced Course I (Maximum of 6 participants)

  11. Advanced Course II (open group) 

  12. Presentations and Instructions: (depends on type and magnitude)

  13. Evening Theory for Dog Lovers (Group of Regulars)

  14. Travel Costs:  up to 10 km  € 5 / up to 25 km € 10 / more than 25 km will be billed on the clock) 

Costs for the Courses offered will be provided upon request. Prices include the legal 19% value add tax. Dog food and heating during a stay in the kennel are inclusive!  You can bring the dog’s own food.  A price reduction however; is not possible.  Prices for the dog boarding school – upon request. 


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