Welcome to my Webpage!

Right in the middle of lush meadows and fields, far away from stress, hectic and noise you will find my dog-kennel and dog daycare.

We put our emphasis is on animal encounters, variety, attention and social contact with fellow species.


Check out our offers and arrange for a test stay in my kennel.  I am sure it is important to you to know where your animal will stay during its vacation.   

In order for you to enjoy your vacation, you must be certain that your dog is well taken care of.  Leaving dogs behind in a kennel usually is more difficult for the dog owner than it actually is for the dog itself.

In this case, you must know a dog kennel you trust.  During your dog’s stay at my kennel, your darling will enjoy a species appropriate vacation with his own kind.

I am very happy about the word of mouth recommendations for my kennel.

Whether it was satisfied customers, dog veterinarians or animal rights organizations, it was always based on their personal experience with me.  This is why I would like to make my work more transparent to you and to provide people seeking specialized dog training advice the opportunity to find a competent contact.

I already wish all of you a happy vacation and your dogs a great dog vacation in my kennel, so that both parties can look forward to a happy reunion.


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